Food Trucks are the rage in North America right now and although they may be able to operate all year round in the southern parts of the US or in some parts of British Columbia, the rest of Canada normally closes up our food trucks by the end of November.


With that in mind, what better way to serve unique food from our food trucks all year round by creating Canada’s first indoor food truck food court. What makes it even more exciting is the fact that we're trying to prepare Chef Inspired menu items while reducing the amount of processed products associated with Quick service restaurants.


When you enter the restaurant, our intent was to make you feel like you're still outside and not inside a restaurant, so go up to one of the food trucks and order your meal, then sit at one of the picnic tables and enjoy your lunch or supper.


The design of the interior of the restaurant was to create a 3D rendition of Canada from one coast to the other. Halifax and Vancouver are connected with the Lion’s gate bridge and the Angus L. MacDonald bridge that spans 10 feet in the air from one side of the dining room 30 feet to the other. Our Fish and chip truck is located in the Maritimes while the Asian noodle bar is in Montreal’s Chinatown and the Italian pasta bar is in Toronto’s little Italy.

The owner and designer Chef Bill Pratt worked with local artists and metal workers as well as his contractors to build and create a one of a kind Art piece for all to enjoy. Not only is the food exciting, so is the hospitality experience when visiting us.



Sun - Thu: 11 - 8
Fri & Sat: 11 - 9

600 Windmill Road
Dartmouth, NS  B3B 1B5