The word Gweilo is a common slang word some Asian cultures refer to foreigners as White Devils.

Chef Bill Pratt has travelled around the world exploring multiple cultures and wanted to put his own Chef Spin on 1000 year old Asian recipes by creating unique dishes bursting with flavour. 
First, how to pronounce it: it’s gwhy-LOW, with the emphasis on “lo.” It’s a Cantonese word that refers to a Caucasian person. That’s me.

In my travels across Asia, I sampled some of the most delightful flavours of my life (and trust me, I have had some delicious meals).

Chinese street vendors created exquisite combinations of flavours like I’d never had before. Noodle dishes in Japan and Korean BBQ opened my eyes and my taste buds to exciting, delicious new possibilities.

And I was inspired to throw tradition out the window.



At Gweilo Asian Noodle Bar, we have created dishes inspired by Asian classics, but with my Gweilo twist and your preferences.

Our menu is inspired by Asian flavours and cooking methods, but features fresh, local ingredients combined in new and surprising ways. In traditional Asian cooking, you’ll find fresh ginger; at Gweilo Asian Noodle Bar, you may also find ginger beer. 

Take a break from tradition and try Asian food Gweilo-style. You may never go back.

Chef Bill Pratt, CCC

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Bangkok style Pad Thai Noodles

Bangkok style Pad Thai Noodles

Panang Red Curry Coconut & Roasted Sweet Potato

Samurai Teriyaki Noodle Box

Sweet & Sour Chicken Ball Plate

Sweet & Sour Chicken Ball Plate

Dragon Fire Szechuan Noodles

Kids Meal, Chicken Balls & Rice

Kids Meal, Chicken Balls & Rice