You've never seen a restaurant like this!

Specialty food trucks are booming across North America. We love them because they offer a great variety of delicious foods, because they're specialized in what they cook… and because it’s fun!

In most of Canada, though, food trucks are only available part of the year because our climate just doesn't make outdoor eating that pleasant during late fall and winter.

Truck-Side Food Truck Food Court has taken the weather out of the equation in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, by bringing the complete food truck experience indoors.

TRUCK-SIDE is a quick-service restaurant offering five food truck-style menu options, Asian, Mexican, seafood, BBQ, and gourmet burgers in an indoor location designed to look like an outdoor parking lot.

TRUCK-SIDE offers the specialized menus of food trucks and the fun of eating community-style in a parking lot – but doesn’t include wind, rain, or mosquitoes.