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We all have different tastes, so why can’t we have the choice to pick the fish we want and the cooking method that suits us.

Some like a light fish batter while others like a thick beer batter. Some like it breaded while others like it pan fried or baked. 

At U-Pick-Fish, you get to choose the fish you want, how you coat it, and how we cook it for you.

Furthermore, how many times have you ordered fish and chips and received a tartar sauce, coleslaw or lemon that you don't want? When all you really wanted to do is smother it in ketchup, why pay for something you're not going to eat?

As an East Coaster, one of my favourite meals is the classic battered fish and chips. I've tried battered fish in places as far away as Sydney Australia, Tokyo Japan, London England, or our own famous icons like John’s Fish and Chips here in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Whether it’s a Japanese tempura batter, English beer batter, or simply pan fried fish, there are many tricks to preparing good fish well.  At U-Pick-Fish, we are taking the extra steps to provide the best possible product we can. We’ll source the freshest fish we can, using as much local as possible, cooking the fish in fresh oil that is filtered regularly, and  most importantly not overcooking it. 

That’s Our Promise

Chef Bill Pratt, CCC